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Greatness Shop

A unique, multi-platform experience that truly resonates with streetwear and lifestyle brand.

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GREATNESS SHOP is a unique, multi-platform experience that truly resonates with streetwear and lifestyle brand. It’s a place to develop your own style and be inspired..and of course to shop.
Identifying the Problems and / or opportunities in an existing e-commerce streetwear website and utilize my knowledge in designing a solution easy check-out process, ship and tracking orders, also review, rate and comments on all products and so on..

  • User Research
  • UI Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Prototyping
  • Personas
  • User flows & Site Maps
  • Wireframes & Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Figma
  • Whimsical
  • Photoshop

Client Requirements


- Having Clear Way of Locating Specific Products
- Ability to support a single page for each product
- Having an efficient means of purchasing on or more products
- Steering customers towards popular products
- Displays Promotional ad to attract more sales

Problem Statements

How might we ?

- Improve the shopping experience.
- Provide a clear and easy navigation.
- Provide enough filter options for easy access to the products.
- Let users review, rate and comment on a product.
- Improve the checkout process.
- Adopt different payment options for easy checkout process.

Design Solutions

Clear product Organizing

for a seamless shopping experience

Interactive Filter Options

To help users find product easily

Order Review

This helps to review and make any changes to your order.

Helpful Product Suggestions

that reflects on user’s preferences

Detailed Product Information

to ensure proper product selection

Customer Brands Relationship

to establish trust and commitment

Product Review

Honest reviews and feedback from customers about the product they bought.

Different Payment Methods

to save users time and allow for easy purchase of products

Discover & Research

User Interview

I interviewed 5 users to find out thier opinions on the competitors’ websites. The questions were centered on various key points common to fashion ecommerce website/app. For example, we asked questions related to:
- Browsing for clothes;
- Making a purchase;
- Waiting for delivery;
- Receiving the items.


- The website / App are easy to browse, having no major issues with the navigation;
- Frustration comes from the lack of filtering;
- The check-out process is too complicated;
- They lack clarity on the delivery options and fees;
- Their presentations are messy;
- Cart items disappear after exiting the app/ website.
Some fonts are too light and small.


After the survey and there were several types of the users with the varied goals and needs, and the pain points. Analyzing the data collected on form the user. It is used in the later stage of the project as well.

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Empathy Map & User Journey

Site Maps

To visualize a solution from my research, I created a site map that illustrates how users will navigate through the website to know how to shop, review and post a comment e.t.c.

User Flows

I created user flows. I concentrated on the main features a user would accomplish when using website and displays how the user navigate and flow all through the website.

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Digital Wireframes

Before i move to the UI Design, I created some Lo-Fi wireframes. This way i can focus on  the features and the user flow. To come up with the wireframes, i draw some sketches of all the screens, and interate my design based on those sketches.

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Test: Validation, Usability, Feedback

First, i jumped to a high-fidelity prototype after doing quick mock-ups. Images of the clothing may be important in helping users visualize the actual website. This version was tested among 2 users.

Website navigation improvement;

Users are able to navigate easily between categories and find products.



Straightforward checkout and easy payment;

Users find the checkout process obvious enough and time satisfying

Easy filter of products;

The filter options was redesigned to suits users accessibility and to narrow down the search options

Clear and easy check out process.

By adding a micro-interaction to improve the users checkout process

User Accessibility

color palette

Always opt for high-contrast color combinations for text and background. Using colors that are similar to each other on the color wheel are harder to read and differentiate.

Input Validation

Properly label the checkout forms and label what info is required in each field. Each field should also provide customers with warning and confirmation messages

Button and Links

Buttons and links should stand out to people who are color-blind. Use a color that’s easy to distinguish for the color-blind consumers.

Brand & Style Guide

Final Product

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Final Thought

Reasearch is Key

I couldn’t have designed a product the users love without the help of the people who will actually use it - it might sound like a cliche, but in good UX this always holds true.

Dare to Experiment

Doing so in a real project might sound scary, but fortune favors the brave! For example, story-framing proved itself a very exciting and useful research method, but i had to try it in a live situation.

Small things can make a huge difference

Adding a “secure checkout” label don’t seem like big innovations, but they made user frustrations disappear. If uncertain, A/B testing can help in deciding such questions.

Don't Judge a book by its cover

Controlling a bigger part of a service means i can make it more consistent, which may result in a better user experience.