Babajide Bashiru (J.B)

My journey into Art started from my childhood. I've always been drawn to artistic ventures since I was young. From drawing anime and comic book characters, to designing T-shirt and to even creating my very own clothing brand (Greatness - www.greatness-shop.com) It has been clear from the very beginning that I would dedicate my professional life to a field where I could showcase my artistic ability.

I kickstart my UI career in the summer of 2019 when I moved to America with my family. It was a life-changing experience for me. Having a piece of background knowledge in Graphic Design, I realized UI Design would be an easy transition. I attended St Louis Community College, which I studied Cyber Security. I graduated from Thinkful’s UX/UI design Program. I had the opportunity of working with industry professionals, weekly one-on-one mentoring, and working on industry-based case studies.

"The tiny micro-interactions you experience on a site or mobile app. Helping a brand express its identity to the world. Bringing people joy through an experience they feel was designed for them. Being a designer is a special responsibility. I take pride in what I do."

My previous work experiences as a Graphic Designer has taught me to work with a cross-functional team to find effective ways to reach company's goals. It has pushed me to be more data driven and detail oriented to create better experiences for customers. The skills that I have learned has helped me to become a better UI Designer by integrating the basic design elements and principles into the process of creating user-centric designs.